End Times – End Games by Hans Schmidt


As the murderous Twentieth Century comes to a close, it is time for reflection and review. With hundreds of millions of people killed, the cultural heritage of many nations destroyed, the age-old order of them and others eradicated, and the earth’s natural resources nearly depleted, we must sit back and ask ourselves what really happened and why.

Was it God’s will, as many people are wont to believe, or were other God-like forces involved, forces whose external quest has been for centuries to create a new world order based upon greed, immorality, lies and deceit? This book may provide some answers.

As we enter the new millennium, we face an era that may exceed in ferocity, cruelty, and brutality the worst times of human history. For in addition to the tribulations of the past hundred years, with all the associated unsettled disputes, there is one important factor which may have an even greater negative impact on our lives than the destruction and killing of the two world wars and their aftermath, namely the determined dismantling of the ancient traditions which for more than a thousand years held our Christian civilization together.

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The laws which have regulated the intercourse between peoples for centuries, even waring peoples, have ben cruelly discarded. Chivalry and reason are dead. Fair treatment of the vanquished enemy has come to be seen as sentimental folly. Statutes of limitation have been set aside, guerrilla fighters have become heroes, while regular soldiers defending their country are being called murderers.

What we are facing now is pure anarchy and nihilism. None of us will be safe from its possible effects. End Times – End Games will be must reading for those who are really interested in discovering the truth, especially about those powers that must bear ultimate responsibility for what threatens to be the most horrible turn of events in the annals of mankind.

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