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In the run up to the 2018 mid-term elections in the United States, censorship – or deplatforming as it has come to be known when directed by social media – has received widespread mainstream-media attention. Those who hold dissident views, or are perceived to hold dissident views, are censored by social media; while everyone else gets a break. This is direct censorship.

There exists an indirect approach to censorship; financial service providers such as credit card processors and merchant banks collaborate to deny their services to the same groups as are targeted by the social media. This denial of service leads to censorship because those that are affected lose their ability to raise funds from sales or donations, and in some cases may lose the ability to disseminate their message.

The Cosmotheist Church occasionally falls victim to this second approach to censorship, sometimes for extended periods. If you have had payments rejected by the Cosmotheist Church, it is likely that the Church was at the time experiencing censorship by a financial services entity.

If the Church is currently experiencing issues of this nature please consider purchasing items or making donations through the regular mail. I downloadable form can be found using the following link.

Media Order Form

Alternatively, one can purchase items using crypto-currencies such as bitcoin. This option is available in the checkout. You will be directed to in order to sign-up for a crypto-currency account.

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