The Turner Diaries (Third Edition)

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Written by Dr. William Pierce, The Turner Diaries asks us: “What will you do when they come to take your guns?” Earl Turner and his fellow patriots face that question and are forced underground when the US government bans the private possession of firearms and stages mass gun raids to round up suspected gun owners. The hated Equality Police begin hunting them down, but the patriots fight back with a campaign of sabotage and assassination. The struggle escalates and becomes an all-out race war.  Turner and his comrades suffer terribly, but their ingenuity and boldness in devising and executing new methods of guerrilla warfare lead to a victory of cataclysmic intensity and worldwide scope. If the government had the power to ban books, this one would be at the top of the list. As one reader says,”Always read a book that someone else wants banned.” The Turner Diaries is a dramatic, violent page-turner that will keep you up at night and probably change your life.

New in this third edition is an Afterword in which Dr. Pierce explains what motivated him to write The Turner Diaries.

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4 reviews for The Turner Diaries (Third Edition)

  1. Jake

    This is one of the few books I’ve really enjoyed. The writing makes me feel like I’m there in the story.

  2. Thomas Cole

    When I ordered the infamous Diaries I expected some over the top right wing dystopian novel. However I was truly shocked when I found that the America Pierce was picturing when he wrote this book in the late 70s came to be in every horrific detail. What might have been a rather extreme outlook into our future has now truly manifested itself. This book literally anticipated our troubled times.
    Pierce is more the a philosopher. He is a prophet.
    The Turner Diaries is a must read for everyone who dares to look into the abyss of our dying civilization.

  3. Mr. Bronson

    Great book. This novel is very thought-provoking. I did not want to put it down! My only critique is the length of the book. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this book. It is well worth the price.

  4. Z

    Terrific book, though I must say I missed the classic cover art.

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