Life in Celtic Times by A. G. Smith


Feared in battle by their opponents, adept at farming and cattle raising, the Celts were a remarkable people whose height, muscularity, and fair complexion set them apart from their Roman contemporaries. Migrating westward from European lands they had occupied during the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., they eventually settled in the British Isles.

Artist A. G. Smith has carefully rendered over 40 finely detailed illustrations depicting the daily life and culture of ancient Celtic people. Spanning some fourteen centuries (700 B.C. to A. D. 700), the scenes depict a smelting furnace in the Hallstatt culture (Switzerland), an Iron-Age village of thatched houses, fishermen using coracles (small, round boats), a decorative page from the Book of Kells, a Scottish Broch (fortress tower),  Glastonbury fishermen, farmers harvesting grain, Celtic warriors on horseback, St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, and scenes of religious rites, Celtic exploration, costumes, weapons, armor, much more.

An informative introduction and detailed, fact-filled captions complement this collection of superb drawings that will not only delight coloring book fans of all ages but will serve equally well as an excellent, abbreviated pictorial history of the ancient Celts.

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