Hitlerism by Martin Friedrich – foreword by Thomas Dalton


Europa and her progeny face alien immigration and environmental degradation. Godless materiality has

displaced reverent piety. Faith is absent or fixed on Jewish chimeras. Science has morphed from a tool to understand the world to an infallible deity. Man, too, has morphed – into a soulless husk; folk-divinity has been replaced with inhuman automata. He is the hive-mind; and the automata serve with pleasure the will of their master, who presides over this planet as an irreproachable, material god – the demon with the blank stare.

In the face of this devilry, the Supreme Creator yet exists – as does duty. God’s emissaries have a duty to fight the affliction. In fulfilling his duty, the fighter gives voice to God, and God gives fire to him. This fire is faith and the final solution.

Hitlerism is the final solution to Aryan affliction; it describes man’s duty as he confronts a cosmic hostility incarnate in the irreproachable. The Hitlerist is the living affront to Jewish supremacy. In fulfilling his mission to restore divine righteousness to existence, the Hitlerist becomes the Hero. And the Hero endures.

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