The Steep Climb: Essays on the Jewish Question by Thomas Dalton


A collection of 35 of the best recent essays by Thomas Dalton, newly updated and expanded.

The book is organized into three parts:  (I) Historical Context, (II) The Holocaust, and (III) Contemporary Issues.  The essays all address Jews, the Jewish Question, and the role of Jews in American society — pulling no punches.  This book includes Dalton’s modern-day classics, such as “Thoughts on the Aryan Ideal,” “Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial,” “Denying Holocaust Denial,” The ABCs of the Dissident Right,” “Confronting the Judeocracy,” and “The Problem with Leftism.”  Extremely enlightening, and a valuable addition to any book collection.

The Steep Climb actually refers to the collection of Joseph Goebbels’ speeches and essays from 1942-1944 entitled Der Steile Aufstieg — The Steep Climb. “Even in 1942, when the Germans were still very optimistic, they knew that their struggle would be a long haul, a grinding battle, a steep climb. As the situation progressively worsened, they realized they were in a fight to the finish — no negotiations, no surrender, fight or die.” Jewry won that struggle and have been consolidating their wealth and power ever since — we weren’t quite finished. Parallels to the steep climb in that lost cause 80 years ago can be seen today as the final fight to the finish between parasitic Jewry and European Whites. The National Alliance’s program of strict separation from Jews, other non-Whites and their anti-White collaborators — organizing from the ground up, not by controlled democratic elections — could well be the last best chance that ensures victory in this final climb to preserve and advance our race.

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