The Monsters of Babylon by Gregory Delaney


Published in two volumes by Thomas Dalton

The Jewish Question has long puzzled and vexed mankind, so deep and tangled are its roots. For thousands of years, the Jews have shown themselves to be a threat and danger to every non-Jewish society in which they have resided. They are cultural, social, and moral destroyers, crushing all higher aspirations of humanity, and enriching themselves in the process. But exactly how and why this happens has largely been a mystery. Here, author Gregory Delaney banishes the mystery. Displaying a truly encyclopedic knowledge of history and religion, he cuts to the core of the problem, beginning with the foundations of the Jewish people around 1200 BC. Delaney lays out in harsh and graphic detail the malevolent nature of the “monsters” of ancient Babylon. And he does so with a wry—and often ribald—sense of humor that makes the reading a pleasure. Accessible, funny, detailed, scholarly—Delaney has constructed a masterful dissection of the Jews and their pernicious ways. Though cast in historical terms, the many lessons learned here are clearly applicable to the modern day. Contemporary events only confirm Delaney’s analysis. This book is essential reading for any true student of the modern-day Jewish Question, and indeed anyone concerned about the future of society.

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