Unmasking Anne Frank by Ikuo Suzuki


Her Famous Diary Exposed as a Literary Fraud

In this August 2022 book, the Japanese researcher Suzuk deconstructs Anne’s famous dairy, exposing the many issues lying just below the surface.  In the process, he unmasks the truth: that the notorious diary was likely written by a middle-aged Jewish man who worked in conjunction with Anne’s father, Otto, to foist upon the public a deceptive and highly misleading story of a young teenage girl who perished in a German camp. Suzuki presents a thorough, detailed, and highly readable critique of the global bestseller that is Anne Frank’s Diary.  Far and away the best critical analysis of the famous diary, this book fills a badly needed gap in contemporary revisionist literature and should be in Alliance members’ personal collections as ammunition for debunking this major plank of the Jew’s Holocaust lie.

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