The International Jew by Henry Ford – commentary by Thomas Dalton


Sometime in early 1920, auto magnate Henry Ford—then one of the richest men in the world—decided to single-handedly take on global Jewry. To that end, he initiated a nearly two-year-long attack on the Jews and the Jewish Lobby, through his corporate-owned newspaper, The Dearborn Independent.  His small journalistic team, led by Ernest Liebold and William Cameron, crafted a stunning series of 87 weekly articles, each one dissecting an aspect of “the Jewish Question.”  The series has been called “the largest and most damaging campaign against Jews ever waged in the United States.”  It retains this honorific title to the present day.

As the series progressed, Ford elected to publish the articles in book form: in four volumes, each carrying 20 articles. Of necessity, he bypassed seven articles.  The volumes also altered the original sequence of publication.

Here, in the new Definitive Edition, the complete Ford series of 87 articles has been fully restored, and in chronological order.  Editor Thomas Dalton has produced a clean, crisp edition of these classic essays, correcting typos and grammatical errors while restoring the original newspaper section headings.  Helpful footnotes have been added throughout.  All this makes for a highly-readable edition.

Unsurprisingly, The International Jew has never been given fair treatment—until now.  Dalton’s Introduction and Epilogue provide a full and proper context; nine appendices fill out the story; and a bibliography and index aid scholars.

Though 100 years old, these essays are suffused with lessons for the present day.  The Jewish Question, it seems, is eternal.  Fortunately, Ford’s classic work has finally been given the careful, sympathetic, and professional treatment that it has long deserved.

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