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Tomorrow’s Religion


by Kevin Alfred Strom

WILLIAM LUTHER PIERCE, even eleven years after his death, has proven impossible to ignore. Despite his decade-long absence, he is inspiring an ever-growing number of White men and women who are rediscovering his ideas, talking about them, republishing his works, and beginning new institutions that will embody his ideals.

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Discovering Cosmotheism


How did William Pierce’s religion, Cosmotheism, begin? How did it develop? Robert Griffin asked Dr. Pierce these and other questions, and here are the answers.

an excerpt from The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds by Robert S. Griffin

DR. PIERCE TOLD ME that during the early 1970s he formulated a race-based religious orientation to provide the spiritual basis for the direction he was taking with the National Alliance. He needed a name for what he had put together, he said, and he came up with Cosmotheism. He’s not sure whether he ran across the term in an encyclopedia or made it up. One day when I was in his office with him in West Virginia, I asked him to help me understand what Cosmotheism was about. He rose from his desk and went to a file drawer and pulled out some pamphlets, sorted through them a bit, and then handed three of them to me. “You can look these over. I wrote them on Cosmotheism back in the late 1970s. They are going to sound a little naive, but here they are.”

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Cosmotheism: Wave of the Future

William Luther Pierce: thoughtsFor the first time in written form, an important speech by William Luther Pierce (pictured), delivered at the National Alliance offices in Arlington, Virginia in 1977

by Dr. William Pierce

transcribed by Vanessa Neubauer

WE HAVE ready tonight the first of a series of pamphlets intended to serve not only as guides for us, but also to aid us in enlightening new people and bringing them into our community.

This particular pamphlet, The Path, is the first in the series because it’s the most fundamental. It states in very concise form, and also, I hope, in relatively easy to understand form, the essence of our truth, the essence of the idea on which our community is founded.

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On Christianity

In this 1982 article, Dr. Pierce offers his perspective on the religion that came to dominate our culture for more than ten centuries.

by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

THE NATIONAL Office has received a few complaints (fewer than expected) from members about what has been perceived as an anti-Christian bias in recent issues of National Vanguard (NV). One member has resigned.

The complaints fall into two general categories: 1. “I am a Christian. Why are you attacking my religion?” and 2. “I am not a Christian, but many White people are. We must all stick together. To attack Christianity is divisive.”

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