The Power of Truth (Volume 6)


This CD, produced in MP3 Format, contains  moving and powerful works by Dr. William Pierce, remastered for increased audio quality. See main description for details.

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The CD (MP3 Format) contains the following moving and powerful works by Dr. Pierce, remastered for increased audio quality:

1. A White World
2. Biopolitics
3. Conditioning for Death
4. Corruption and War
5. Deliberate Deception
6. Diversity Is Our Strength
7. Labels
8. Men of Valor
9. Payback Time Is Near
10. Race Suicide
11. The Criminal in the White House
12. The Destructive Media
13. The End of the Millennium
14. Thoughts on Government
15. Time to Blast Our Enemies
16. Toward a Sane Society
17. Tribal Thinking
18. Tribes
19. What We Can Do
20. Woe to Our People’s Enemies

These ultra-long-playing (many hours per CD) mp3-CDs are playable in all computers and DVD players and most, though not all, modern car CD players made in the last few years.

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