In Defense of Andrew Jackson by Bradley J. Birzer (Hardback)


When Harry Crocker of Regnery asked me to write a biography of Andrew Jackson, I was more than a little tentative. Who wouldn’t want to be asked to write a book? But, on someone I held in low regard? As I jumped into the project, however, I fell in love with my subject (my subject would not approve of such strong emotion regarding another man), a man as honest as the day is long. Wrong headed? Perhaps. Wrong politics? Certainly. Honest man? Absolutely. I wrote the biography of Jackson with more speed than anything I’d yet attempted. I started reading and researching Jackson on May 1, 2017, and I had the biography completely written by the evening of the following August 4. Craziness, to be sure. Still, there was more I wanted to write. Hence, this book. You don’t have to have read my biography to enjoy this REDUX. In it, I offer nine additional pieces on Andrew Jackson and six additional pieces on the Jacksonian Era. Here’s hoping you enjoy it all.


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