American World-War-Two Propaganda Poster


A German propaganda poster? No, it’s American! Of great interest to Dr. Pierce, this poster hung on the wall of his office for years. Over the course of World War two the U.S. government waged a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the American public, persuading them to support the war effort against their German kinsmen. In 1942 the Office of War Information (OWI) was created to craft and disseminate its propaganda message. It became a wartime industry, just as important as producing bullets and planes. The U.S. government produced posters, pamphlets, newsreels, radio shows, and movies — all designed to create a public that would be 100% behind the war effort — and it worked to a large extent! The blood red background on the image of a “Nazi” hand violently stabbing the heart of a Holy Bible with a dagger was meant to be an emotional appeal, suggesting that America’s rival, the Germans, intended to eliminate America‚Äôs vaunted freedom of religion, particularly Christianity. Of course, that was not true and the OWI knew that it wasn’t true.

Size 13″ x 19″, semi-gloss finish

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