A Plague on the World by Robert Ley and Hans-Georg Otto – edited by Thomas Dalton (paper back)


The world today faces many grave problems, but arguably the gravest and most urgent is what has long been called the Jewish Question: how society should respond to the presence of a wealthy, powerful, and malicious Jewish minority. This question has existed for as long as Jews have interacted with Gentiles. For millennia, prominent observers have viewed the Jews as a plague, a curse, upon the Earth. The situation is unchanged in the present day.

During the second half of World War Two, two National Socialist writers — Dr. Robert Ley and Hans-Georg Otto — were tasked with writing short texts on the Jewish Question for a broad German audience. Their mission was to convey the dangers posed to civilized society by the Jews. Ley then wrote a booklet entitled Pesthauch der Welt (“A Plague on the World”), and Otto produced a text called Der Jude als Weltparasit (“The Jew as World-Parasite”). Both are included, complete and unedited, in the present volume.

Despite the controversial nature of the material, both writers handled their writing tasks with care and scholarship. They draw from history, from academic sources, and from current news events, seeking to portray the Jewish danger in a clear and concise manner. Both men succeeded admirably.

These two texts, combined here for the first time as a single work, stand as classic works of the genre, and provide immense educational value-both on the thinking of that time and in light of present world events. These works, like much of National Socialist writing, embody timeless lessons and eternal wisdom, for those willing to listen objectively.

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