The American Melting Pot: It’s Meaning to Us by John M. Radzinski, M.D


“A review of ethnic mingling among the peoples of Europe demonstrates that the process has been associated with cultural dislocations and decline.” Dr. Radinski wrote in 1959, before the current immigration crisis in America, that, “The U.S.A. can no longer afford to be the foster home for the unfortunates of the world. Biologically, there already are so many human types here that further additions can hardly enhance the genetic end product. We should be extremely circumspect in our immigration policies.” Dr. Radinski recognized that immigration to the U.S. from Europe nations were assimilable into a heterogeneous population, i.e., “the Melting Pot.” Other races, African, Asian, and Mestizo were not assimilable then and they are not now.

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