Crypto-currencies and other payment methods

These wallet addresses can be used to make anonymous donations or used to make transactions  for any purpose. If you want us to identify you as the sender, please email us directly or use the contact form to notify us of the transaction details.

Bitcoin                bc1qwn4gus44065r7xrs88rxn9fvxnr5xrlmndsqgh

Litecoin              ltc1qthsfhj8qea52g5dej7g0f2c7j9cjz64rs7m8q2

Monero             8AbmYMUUdZxiZjZ79Q7Hy3cWYcgx9nXEYfSA5qwCknaxG9cDbvQCdEsYciLwc3goBWJdVZ44feEhq6SVBtJ9VNSA2s5sovu