The Last Stand of the 300, The Legendary Battle of Thermopylae directed by David Padrusch


Movie – Running time: 90 minutes

High on a narrow mountain pass in 480 B.C., a small Greek army awaits an onslaught of epic proportions. Led by just 300 Spartan soldiers, they somehow hold off the colossal Persian military for seven full days – until not one Greek warrior is left standing.

The legendary battle of Thermopylae is still acknowledged today for its brilliant military maneuvers and the well-trained and fearless soldiers who fought to the death. THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® presents a detailed account of this legendary battle, examining the events leading up to the conflict, the tactical expertise that allowed the outnumbered Greeks to stall their mighty foes, and the bloody encounter itself. Find out how an army of a few hundred men overcame impossible odds and witness the conflict that altered the course of Western civilization.

Combining sophisticated digital animation and live actors in strikingly realistic reenactments, LAST STAND OF THE 300 narrates one of the most important – and improbable – battles in history.

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