General Heinz Guderian: Panzer Leader (Hardcover) by Heinz Guderian


The book ‘Panzer Leader’, Guderian’s memoirs, is a lucid and intriguing account of the Third Reich, under the Fuehrer, from the German perspective. For a follower of warfare and history alike, it is a captivating and enlightening read.

But for those of us who are not bestowed with the luxury of time, we present for you this truncated…. ready reckoner, in a simplistic reading format. Though being a relatively short account, it retains within itself the essence and essentials of the major campaigns and the characters which shaped German responses and its fluctuating fortunes during the Second World War. For the students of history, in military or civil domains, we have also made it convenient to list out ‘pertinent questions’ which get thrown up as we proceed to read and enjoy this exceptional narrative. Wish you a happy reading!

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